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A KDE/Qt client for mpd (music player daemon).

Pythagora is a graphical frontend for mpd. The main goal of Pythagora is offering usability while not limiting the user in his or her options. With this client I aim to have zero configuration. Although some things just need to be configured, most preferences are just remembered over sessions. This way there is no hassle reconfiguring if your habits might ever change.

Three panels are used to display the music library. This makes finding songs quick and efficient. You can drag any song, album or artist from the library or filesystem view to the current playlist. You can also drag them, via the tabs on the left, to a playlist stored on the mpd server, or create a new one.
Cover art is displayed in the playlist. If the cover images can't be found locally they are downloaded from the web. First the music directory is checked for a folder.jpg. If this file is not found it looks in the local cache, if it can't find an image here, the last.fm api is used to get an image form the web.

Pythagora is written in python using Qt4. For some functionality it relies on PyKDE4. This is mainly for the clear buttons on text boxes and themed icons. It runs without KDE using a default icon set.

Pythagora features:


You can download Pythagora or find the source of Pythagora on github.

If you have any questions or found a bug. Or maybe you have this really cool idea for Pythagora? Don't hesitate to sent me an e-mail or file an issue at GitHub.


Pythagora is named after Pythagoras, the famous mathematician who found the mathematical relation between different tones and octaves. One could say he found the arithmetics in music, while a computer playing music is essentially music coming from arithmetics. I ditched the S at the end because I think it sounds a bit snappier and also loosens the relation with the old Greek a bit.

I want to express my thanks to Ed Graham (txcrackers) because I used his code from mpdplasma as a basis to start from.

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