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Listen to your own music like its on the radio.

I use mpd a lot, why keep an extra cable connected to your laptop while the media center sits there, all connected, humming away happily. I also like to let my laptop nap while I listen music, a bit of an environmental thing I guess. The problem is, while I'm busy the music would stop, or repeat itself endlessly. So a friend and I came up with the idea of making a program that would append new songs to the play list if there are only a few left to go. Mpd-myfm is that application, and it doesn't just add a random song, no it query's the Last.fm API to find songs of similar artists or genres if it can't find an artist. It's intended to run as a daemon on the same machine the mpd server resides on. This way they integrate into one box playing the music you like, just as if it were your own personal radio station, hence the name mpd-myfm.
This was my first real programming project, it's written in python. Although we still plan on forming a decent code base with much more extensibility options, at the moment we just enjoy this mostly working version. So work has pretty much stopped on it.

You can find mpd-myfm on github.

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