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A simple application launcher for KDE4.

Mangonel is intended as a light weight replacement for the, in my view bloated and slow, standard KRunner. Sadly you can't actually get rid of KRunner because it's also responsible for your screensaver and power-management.

Mangonel came to be because I started to really mis Katapult. I loved Katapult for its simplicity and speed, those are two points I really can't find in KRunner.

Mangonel currently lets you do these things.

The default global shortcut to show Mangonel is `CTR+ALT+Space`, you can change this by right clicking the popup window and selecting "Configuration".


Installing Mangonel is not difficult, there is a PPA repository for the easy living of Ubuntu users. If you don't run Ubuntu or just want to live on the bleeding edge, download the source on github or clone the git repository. Once you have the files, cd into the directory containing the source. Now follow the steps below to build and install the application.


To automatically start Mangonel when you log on to your desktop, follow these steps.

If you have any questions or found a bug. Or maybe you have this really cool idea for a new function in Mangonel? Don't hesitate to sent me an e-mail or file an issue at GitHub.

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